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Free Product: Forget Me Not Flower Coloring Page

forget me not

Here’s a free product! I love seeing people’s art after the pieces have been colored so feel free to post, but as always, please don’t post uncolored pictures, not even free ones, from my pages. Love you guys! Thanks for all your support!

“Forget Me Not” is a printable, instant download, free coloring page in PDF format. It prints at 8 1/2 x 11, which is standard letter size, in portrait orientation.

How to Download

You’ll need two things to access this drawing. First, you’re going to need a printer. It’s a black and white image, so it doesn’t need to be a color printer. Second, you’ll need to have a program that will open PDF files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download, and they provide simple, readable directions showing you how to install it. If you don’t have Adobe Reader and don’t want to download it, or for some reason are unable to download it, you can set Google Chrome as your default PDF reader and open the file that way.

Paper Stock Choices

I created the coloring page by hand with pen and ink, and then I digitized the image, added the border, and converted it to PDF format. I recommend printing out the image on card stock for best results. My personal preference is Neenah 110 lb white paper, but 65 lb is good as well. Pound, in this instance, refers to the thickness of the paper. A thicker paper is less likely to cause you issues when you’re coloring, and it will hold up better if you decide to use a liquid medium such as watercolor markers. Click here to download the coloring page.


Terms of Use

The coloring pages on my site are for your enjoyment only. The files and images are not for resale, so please do not resell the digital files or paper copies. You are welcome to post any completed and colored versions of “Forget Me Not” on your website or in your online coloring groups with attribution given to Stephany Elsworth and/or Color With Steph.

Please like my Color with Steph Facebook page for regular updates and information.

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The Search for the Welsh Poppy

I took this photo on my holiday to the UK last summer, and I’ve been trying to identify this flower for months. After a whole lot of extensive Google searches, I finally narrowed it down to a Welsh Poppy. Wikipedia says that this plant “is especially well adapted to colonising gaps and crevices in rocks and stones.” That makes sense – I found it growing in a crevice between the pavement and a side of a building. Here’s the drawing I did of it when I got back.

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Joyful Blossoms PDF Printable Flower Coloring Book

I’ve been working on updating my original PDF coloring book, “Blossoms and Blooms.” I wasn’t completely happy with it when I posted it, but it was one of those ‘If I don’t do this soon I’m going to lose my nerve’ kind of things. I’ve made a few changes. I replaced a couple of the flowers, added borders, and made sure all the flowers were named and identified. It’s available at: